Forward to 500

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In celebration of DMSF’s 25th anniversary, its Board of Directors has approved a plan to grow DMSF’s student body by 40%, to 500 Scholars, by the year 2020.

The need is clear. Students who come from families which lack economic resources have few options when it comes to the high school they attend. Unfortunately, many of the City’s public high schools are not adequately preparing their students for college, as evidenced by the fact that only 14% of students who enter a CPS high school will eventually graduate with a four-year college degree.

DMSF has over 25 years of experience and a proven track record for not only supporting our Scholars through high school but also providing them with the resources they will need to succeed in college. As happens virtually every year, 100% of the graduating seniors in DMSF’s Class of 2015 were accepted to and have enrolled in college. There were 18 DMSF seniors who were awarded an Evans Scholarship, and many others who will be attending college with full financial aid. The list of colleges that this year’s DMSF graduates will be attending includes: University of Illinois at Urbana, Northwestern, Cornell, Williams, Pitzer, Pomona, Smith, Yale, Swarthmore, University of Chicago, Marquette, and Loyola.

With your help, we will change the lives of thousands of families in the city of Chicago. Please consider a gift today. Contact Brook McNulty for more information at (312) 455-7808 or