Andy David, Executive Director, announces plans to retire

Dear DMSF Families, Alumni and Partners,

We write to you all with bittersweet news to share. After 10 years of dedicated service to the Daniel Murphy Scholarship Fund, Andy David has decided to step down as Executive Director. He will remain in his role until a successor is chosen.

A capable and dedicated leader, DMSF has seen phenomenal growth under Andy’s leadership. Our current strength as an organization is due largely to his efforts. During his tenure we have seen record breaking fundraising, enlarged our staff, increased the number of Scholars we serve and strengthened our partnerships.

Andy’s passion and commitment to ensuring the success of promising young men and women has been instilled in all of the staff, board members and volunteers who have worked with him.

It has been a privilege to have such a capable team leader. Andy’s legacy as Executive Director will not only be the growth of the organization, but the strength with which we are able to move forward and continue to innovate and serve.  We anticipate that Andy will continue to be a part of DMSF in a role to be decided at a later date.

Anyone who is interested in learning more about the Executive Director position should contact DMSF Board Chair Nancy Van Grinsven at

Justin Foley & Nancy Van Grinsven
Daniel Murphy Scholarship Fund Board of Directors