DMSF Application Now Open!

Applications for the Murphy Scholar Class of 2024 are now available. 8th grade students (entering high school in the fall of 2020) are now eligible to apply for the scholarship.

Students can apply for a Daniel Murphy Scholarship in the fall of their 8th grade year.  Students who exhibit strong academic potential, outstanding character and financial need are encouraged to apply.  The application will require the student to write two essays and request three recommendations (7th grade math teacher, 7th grade language arts teacher, and guidance counselor or principal).  Parents will be asked to submit detailed financial information, including 2018 tax documents (1040s and W2s) for both custodial and non-custodial parents.  Parents will also be asked to answer several questions about their child.  Lastly, the guidance counselor or principal will be asked to submit a copy of the student’s 7th grade report card and 7th grade standardized test scores (i.e. Aspire, NWEA).

The application for the DMSF Class of 2024 (students who will enter high school in the fall of 2020) is available now, click here for more information.