The Application

Applications for the Murphy Scholar Class of 2023 are now available. 8th grade students (entering high school in the fall of 2019) are now eligible to apply for the scholarship.

Click Here to Apply for the DMSF Scholarship

Application Instructions:

  • The application can be completed over several days or weeks. If you want to save what you have already entered on the application before finishing it, and come back to work on it later, click on “save my progress and resume later.” That will allow you to generate a user name and password, which you can use to resume working on the application at a later date.

Our Application Deadline is

Friday, October 19th 2018

  • No application can be submitted until it has been fully completed.
  • Once your application has been submitted, your teachers and guidance counselor/principal will receive an email asking them to complete a letter of recommendation on your behalf.  We require recommendations from:
    • Your 7th grade English/Language Arts teacher
    • Your 7th grade Math teacher
    • Your principal or school counselor

We will contact your teachers to obtain the recommendations.

  • To complete the application you are required to attach documents concerning your family’s finances. Please attach any and all of the following, if you have them:
    • The 2017 state and federal income tax returns (Form 1040) of both of applicants’ parents, as well as other adults who live in applicants’ home (including all schedules)
    • 2017 W-2 Forms from applicant’s parents and other adults who live in applicant’s home
    • Documentation of non-taxable income (child support, public assistance, disability, social security income, etc.)
    • Divorce decrees

These documents will need to be scanned into your computer as PDF files in order to upload them into the application. If you do not have a scanner at home, we recommend you seek assistance from your local school or public library, or go to a commercial copy center such as FedEx or UPS.

Good Luck!