Class of 2017


December 2015


DMSF Annual Travel Panel Session

The main goal of the session is to discuss summer traveling as a worthwhile option to all eligible scholars.  All current scholars are encouraged to attend (parents are welcome as well). Learn firsthand from scholars that have traveled in the past.
*Please note: If you are in, or applying to the caddy program the majority of your summer will be reserved, so traveling abroad will not be an option for you.

What: A presentation and discussion on earned travel opportunities from scholars that have traveled in the past!

When: Tuesday December 22nd 2015, from 10am – 11:30am

Where: DMSF Office, 309 W. Washington, Suite 1250


February 2015


Mandatory Event: The class of 2017 should arrive at the fair at 11 a.m.

Summer Opportunities Fair 2016