Class of 2019



December 2015


DMSF Annual Travel Panel Session

The main goal of the session is to discuss summer traveling as a worthwhile option to all eligible scholars.  All current scholars are encouraged to attend (parents are welcome as well). Learn firsthand from scholars that have traveled in the past.
*Please note: If you are in, or applying to the caddy program the majority of your summer will be reserved, so traveling abroad will not be an option for you.

What: A presentation and discussion on earned travel opportunities from scholars that have traveled in the past!

When: Tuesday December 22nd 2015, from 10am – 11:30am

Where: DMSF Office, 309 W. Washington, Suite 1250


DMSF Caddie Information Session

Info Session on the DMSF Caddie Program- Any 2019 scholar or parent interested in learning more about our residential and non-residential summer caddie program should attend. *Please note the caddie program will require your participation over the next three summers. If you apply and are accepted, you will not be able to participate in any other conflicting summer event.

When: Monday, December 21st 2015, from 5:30pm-7pm

Why: The Caddie program is a great opportunity for scholars to build character, live with other DMSF Scholars on a college campus (or at home with our non-residential option), and most importantly, qualify for the Chick Evans Scholarship for College.

Where: DMSF Office 309 W. Washington, Suite 1250


February 2015


Mandatory Event: The class of 2019 should arrive at the fair at 9 a.m.

Summer Opportunities Fair 2016