Make the Most of Your Scholarship

DMSF Scholars receive far more than financial assistance.  There are a wide range of additional services available to you to make sure that you do well in school and are ready to gain admission to, and receive financial aid to attend, the college or university of your choice.

The Mentor Program

Do you have a mentor?  Do you want a mentor?  Any DMSF Scholar who does not already have a mentor through a different organization can be paired with a DMSF adult mentor.  Mentors are great sources of advice and inspiration.  Plus, DMSF schedules fun activities for DMSF mentors and Scholars.


The Affinity Group

The DMSF affinity groups provide support to day school Scholars to enable them to meet and overcome challenges so they are successful in high school, college and beyond.  DMSF currently facilitates five affinity groups, consisting of 10-15 Scholars. The groups meet twice a month on Saturdays and are run by DMSF alumni who have similar experiences to DMSF Scholars.



Become a DMSF Caddie

Each summer, many of our Scholars participate in our caddie program.  Between May 30 and August 2, approximately 40 of our male Scholars and 25 of our female Scholars will live in a college dorm and caddie at nearby country clubs. Male scholars live at Lake Forest College and the female Scholars live at Elmhurst College.

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Asking for extra help is hard to do, but it sure beats getting a C, or worse, in any class.  If you are struggling in a class, or believe you could benefit from extra assistance, talk to DMSF about tutoring assistance.  DMSF operates a tutoring center at its office on Mondays & Wednesdays during the school year from 4 p.m. – 7 p.m.  Private tutoring is also available.

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Summer Opportunities

Summers are too valuable to waste sitting at home with nothing to do.  Every DMSF Scholar who attends a day school is expected to attend the DMSF Summer Opportunities Fair, held each February on President’s Day. Here you can learn about a variety of work, travel and academic programs.  All Scholars are also eligible to apply to participate in the DMSF Caddie Program.


College Counseling

Why does DMSF employ a full-time college counselor?  To make certain that every single DMSF Scholar gets all of the assistance that he or she needs to gain admission to, and receive financial aid from, a college or university which that Scholar wants to attend.  It is never too early to start thinking about college, or to schedule a meeting with the DMSF college counselor.

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