Summer Opportunities

Did you know that there was financial aid available to travel overseas for the summer, or to attend summer school at a college or boarding school? Were you aware that there are employers who come to DMSF seeking our Scholars to work for them during the summer?

The Summer Opportunities Fair

Every February, on the Monday on which President’s Day is celebrated (and on which many schools are closed), DMSF hosts the Summer Opportunities Fair. Attendance is mandatory for all freshmen, sophomore and juniors who attend day schools. Seniors are welcome, as are parents, including parents of Scholars in boarding school.

While attendance varies from year to year, Scholars can expect representatives from 25 or more organizations will be at the Summer Opportunities Fair. These organizations will include potential employers, academic programs and travel programs. Oftentimes, organizations that provide financial aid for these types of programs are also present.


The DMSF Caddie Program

Even if you know nothing about the game of golf, you can be a participant in the DMSF summer Caddie Program. Every summer for the last 16 years, qualified Scholars live at local colleges and caddie at golf courses located in the suburbs. DMSF hires counselors to live with and supervise the Scholars, as well as to transport them to and from work every day.

Caddie Program applications are generally available mid-December, and must usually be submitted to DMSF no later than Monday, January 30, 2017.  Applicants are selected based on their academic performance, their compliance with the terms of their scholarship contracts, and their leadership skills. Scholars who have not caddied before will receive training prior to the beginning of the program.

While being a caddie is hard work, the benefits can be substantial. Scholars can earn good money, and meet people who can be of assistance to them later in life. Most significantly, Scholars who caddie for at least three summers and maintain good grades are eligible to apply for the Evans Scholarship, a four-year, full tuition scholarship to one of 17 colleges and universities. Over 200 DMSF Scholars who have participated in the Caddie Program have been awarded an Evans Scholarship.