Mentor A Murphy Scholar


Make a Difference! Become a Mentor!

Mentors are role models with a special interest in the academic success and personal growth of Scholars. By becoming a mentor to a DMSF Scholar, an adult has a unique opportunity to help influence the life of one of tomorrow’s leaders.  DMSF Scholars are remarkable young men and women, but many come from backgrounds where their parents did not have many educational opportunities, and many come from single-parent households.  Mentors fill a gap in these Scholar’s lives. Click the link below to become a Murphy Scholar Mentor.

Murphy Scholar Mentor Application


Mentor Requirements

To become a mentor, a volunteer must pass a background check, and participate in a three hour mentor training program.  Once that is completed, a new mentor is matched by DMSF’s staff with an existing Scholar – often times, although not exclusively, a freshman in high school.


Mentor Expectations

DMSF hosts several social events each year where mentors and mentees can gather together for an afternoon or evening of activities.  Mentors are expected to interact with their mentees on a regular basis, speaking by phone once or twice a month, and hopefully meeting in person on a monthly or bi-monthly basis.


What is a Mentor?

A mentor is not an open checkbook for a Scholar.  Quite the contrary, a mentor is a sounding board, a friend and a source of wisdom.  The guiding hand of a caring mentor can have a profound and lasting impact on a DMSF Scholar, and has the potential of creating a lifelong relationship.

Have Questions? Need More Information?

If you’re interested in becoming a mentor please contact Trenton Dunn  at for details.