DMSF relies on the assistance of volunteers on a daily basis.  From helping in the office to interviewing applicants to serving on a committee, DMSF volunteers provide thousands of hours of service to DMSF each year, helping us meet our mission of igniting potential and enriching the lives of academically qualified but economically disadvantaged students.

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Volunteer Opportunities

There is a myriad of opportunities to help out at DMSF, from those that take only an hour or two of one’s time to commitments that last for a Scholar’s entire high school career.

  • DMSF relies on volunteers to assist in interviewing 8th-grade students who have applied for a scholarship.  Interview sessions are held between November and January, and typically last between 2 1/2 to 3 hours
  • Volunteers sit on many different DMSF committees, including the Education Committee and its sub-committees, such as the school liaison committee and the boarding school committee, as well as the Finance Committee, the Golf Committee, the Caddie Committee and the Development Committee.  Most committees meet about 4 times per year.
  • Serving as a mentor is perhaps the most time consuming, and also the most rewarding volunteer experience.  Mentors are expected to stay in touch with the Scholars with whom they are matched, and to meet either one-on-one or at mentor events planned by DMSF, on a bi-monthly basis.   DMSF seeks those who will be able to mentor a Scholar during that student’s entire high school career.

How to become a volunteer

Contact DMSF Director of Programs, Trenton Dunn, at trenton@dmsf.org, or by phone at 312.455.7730, to learn how you can become a DMSF mentor or speaker. Please be aware that in order to participate in the mentor program, volunteers are required to submit to a background check.

Contact Associate Director of Education – Admissions, Willow Walker, at willow@dmsf.org, or by phone at 312.455.7807, to learn how you can volunteer during recruitment, application reading and interviewing seasons!

How to ask for time off to volunteer

Many companies want their employees to give back to the community. Below is a general guideline we suggest following to see if your company allows (or would be willing to allow) employees to take paid time off to volunteer.

  • Consult your employee handbook for rules regarding volunteering and time off.
  • If not in the handbook, consult your HR representative or supervisor.
  • Share information with your supervisor about DMSF’s mission and how you plan to help.
    • Use this document to explain our Volunteer Interviewing process.
  • Report back to your supervisor after volunteering about the impact of your work and why it was meaningful to you. Maybe they’ll want to join in!

As always, feel free to contact us if you need resources or have questions!