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Affinity Group Leaders Wanted!

This year we are expanding our Affinity Group (AG) Program by 1-2 additional groups. These groups will provide support to enable scholars to meet and overcome challenges so that they are successful in high school, college, and beyond. All of our affinity group leaders (AGL) are DMSF alumni that serve over 50 scholars each year. We are very excited to get the new groups up and running by their first October session this year.

We currently have four affinity groups with 10-15 scholars per group. Meetings take place every other Saturday (Morning 10am and Afternoon 1:30pm groups are available) throughout the school year (Oct. through May), held at the DMSF office (and throughout Chicago for events). AGLs are paid a stipend per month for their endeavors with the scholars.

The main purposes of the AG are to foster a safe environment for the scholars to share their experiences with one another, discuss global issues, develop leadership and social skills, nurture healthy peer academic competition, develop reliable goal attaining behaviors, build a strong sense of community, and enjoy some of Chicago’s best academic/cultural activities. This program is an excellent way to connect some of our shy or introverted scholars to members with more outgoing personalities so that they can learn from and encourage one another.

This is a great opportunity for Alums (AGLs) to observe and connect our scholars to resources and extra opportunities Chicago has to offer. All of the Leaders are responsible for developing educational and relevant learning material for each session. All activities and material will be centered on the provided curriculum based pillars.

As we design this year’s curriculum, I invite you to play a part in one of two roles:

First, apply to become our new AG leader.

  • All applying candidates should email their resume and letter of interest by September 10, 2015 (soft deadline)
  • We aim to fill the position no later than October 9, 2015.
  • Be open to undergoing and passing a background check
  • Be available for an interview and training session
  • Affinity Group Leader Job description_2015

Second, speak to one of our groups in a very informal setting during one of their Saturday sessions. Two big areas of focus this year will include leadership and career exploration. We are fortunate to have such a wide range of professionals and leaders as DMSF alumni so I’d love for you to share your experiences with our scholars.

If you are willing to speak to our scholars this school year or are interested in applying to become one of our new AG Leaders, please let me know ASAP. I look forward to hearing from you and addressing any questions you might have about the process and program!

Attention Alums looking to start or transition into a new career!

The Career Transitions Center (CTC) and The Daniel Murphy Scholarship Fund are collaborating with the purpose of helping DMSF Alums secure professional employment after college. CTC works with recent college graduates and mid-career professionals by providing coaching and programming in order to teach people how to find work using social media, networking and effective resume and interviewing skills. CTC does not place participants in jobs directly; it seeks to teach them career management skills. In each of the last three years, 80% of their participants found work in six months, versus the national average of 12 months.

The Career Transitions Center of Chicago’s mission is to provide professional, emotional and spiritual support to those seeking a job, looking for meaningful work, or otherwise undergoing a career transition. CTC is a volunteer-driven, non-profit organization providing professional assistance to individuals in employment transition.

Every applicant will be asked to submit an application (see link below) and provide a resume to Mr. Paul Morgan. Paul will liaise between DMSF and CTC until the acceptance and training process begins. This program is absolutely free so we encourage everyone with this need to apply! Applicants should send the required material as soon as possible.

CTC – DMSF Application

Paul Morgan-

Office line: 312.455.7803