The Application Process

The process of applying for a DMSF scholarship begins with filling out the DMSF application.

Where can I get an application?

The application for the DMSF Class of 2023 (students who will enter high school in the fall of 2019) will be available on The Application tab of our website.

What does the application require?

There are three distinct portions of the application to be filled out:  one part by the student, one part by a parent or guardian, and one part by teachers and the school’s principal or guidance counselor.  Students are required to provide answers to several short questions and respond to two essay questions.  Parents and guardians have several short questions to answer, and must also provide financial information for all parents/guardians (including non-custodial parents and/or step-parents).  Teachers and principals or counselors must fill out recommendation forms and submit report cards and standardized test results. Recommendations, report cards and test scores will be submitted electronically.

Our Application Deadline is Friday, October 19th 2018

What happens to the applications?

Once an application is received by DMSF, it is reviewed to ensure that it is complete.  Incomplete applications are not considered. Due to the high volume of applications, DMSF is not able to confirm that it has received an application and cannot comment on the status of an application.

Completed applications are reviewed by at least two different readers.  Ultimately, about one in every five students who has submitted an application is selected to be interviewed. Decisions about who will be selected for interviews will be made by December 15, 2018.

The interview process

Those applicants who are fortunate enough to be selected for an interview will be advised of their interview date approximately one week in advance of the interview. Both the applicants and their parents or guardians are expected to attend the interview. Please let us know in advance if a translator is needed.

At the interview, each applicant will meet with two or three panels of interviewers, all of whom are volunteers. Each meeting will last for about ten minutes. Then, separately, the parents or guardians meet with each panel of interviewers. Finally, everyone meets with a member of the DMSF Education Department.

How will I learn about my status?

No information about an applicant’s status is given out over the phone.  After an applicant has been interviewed, he or she will receive a letter within two weeks of the interview date advising the applicant of DMSF’s decision.  All students who apply for the scholarship will be notified of their status by February 2019

If I am awarded a DMSF scholarship, what are my next steps?

Scholarship awards are not final until the applicant completes the steps that follow:

  • Takes the appropriate school admission test(s).
  • Applies to one or more DMSF Partnership Schools.
  • Is admitted to a DMSF partnership school.
  • Signs a scholarship confirmation agreement.
  • Registers at the school by the school’s deadline.
  • Completes the school’s financial aid forms by the school’s deadline and receive financial aid from the school.
  • Mails a copy of the school’s acceptance letter and financial aid award letter to DMSF.
  • Attends DMSF’s mandatory two week summer program.
  • Signs a DMSF scholarship contract.